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fill your glass with wine...dice -- 10/11/2005
Half Meme Press is pleased to now have a small quantity of Bacchanal dice sets for sale. The sets consist of:
    a purple d8, representing the god Bacchus
    a black d8, representing the god Pluto
    a red d8, representing the Accuser
    three gold d8ís, representing Soldiers
    a metallic silver d6, representing the goddess Minerva
    a white d6, representing the Companion
    thirty six reddish-purple d6ís, representing Wine
    a pearlescent white d4, representing the goddess Venus
    and three ruddy brown d8ís, representing Satyrs
By the adjusted Wine dice guidelines of the print edition, this is enough dice for a six player game. And I gotta say, these are gorgeous dice you'll be proud to have gracing your cheese tray:

bacchanal dice

The price is $20.00 (U.S.), plus shipping/handling. If you're inside the domestic U.S., shipping/handling is $3.00. Send your PayPal payment for $23.00 to paul@halfmeme.com. International customers please email for a shipping/handling price quote.


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