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My Life with Master has best October ever -- 04/29/2007
Last year, increasingly disappointed with the printer I'd been using, I began working on reprint of My Life with Master with a different printer a few months prior to Gen Con Indy. Several weeks before the convention I realized the new printer wasn't going to deliver, and pretty much simultaneously discovered my prior printer had gone out of business. So I went into Gen Con with only fifteen copies of the game. The last of those sold first thing Saturday morning. And but for a run of copies printed in Europe and sold at Spiel Essen in October, the game was basically unavailable in print until December.

year over year sales chart

The October spike is sales of 44 copies at Spiel Essen, plus sales of the pdf version.

The Rumors of My Master's Death... -- 12/01/2006
After an unaccountable delay, the print edition of My Life with Master is again available.

This run features a matte-laminated cover and the only revisions I've ever made to the look and text of the game:
  • The small clarifications described on the Annotate Your Margins page have been worked into the text (as text edits, though, rather than as actual marginalia).
  • So the text and the character sheet now include the missing Epilogue constraint.
  • One small clarification about Captures has been made.
  • The cover now describes the game as having won the Diana Jones Award, uses a stylized new font for the game title, and the shaded areas across the top and bottom of the cover are black and grey, rather than grey and black (if that makes sense). Here's a side-by-side:

    my life with master cover comparison
The price is $17.00 plus shipping/handling.

How to sell Debauchery and Violence -- 07/03/2006
A short while ago I received the gracious offer of an advertisement in Joe J. Prince's forthcoming Lulu Press print edition of his tarot-based rpg Swansong. Bacchanal isn't much of a revenue stream for me, but I've not previously done an ad for the game and so that's what I proposed to Joe. And he was cool with it. So, using an awesome and previously unseen ink-only version of Ed Heil's cover art, this is how it came together:

bacchanal ad for swansong

offices closed until Monday -- 05/10/2006
Half Meme Press offices will be closed from the afternoon of Wednesday, May 10th, until Monday, May 15th. Orders for print copies of My Life with Master and Bacchanal, and for Bacchanal dice, will be fulfilled during the week of May 15th. Authorizations for downloading the pdf version of My Life with Master will happen late on Monday the 15th.

Year-over-year sales of My Life with Master -- 04/29/2006
Pretty self-explanatory:

year over year sales chart

Unit sales include print, pdf, and discounted print copies to retailers.

fill your glass with wine...dice -- 10/11/2005
Half Meme Press is pleased to now have a small quantity of Bacchanal dice sets for sale. The sets consist of:
    a purple d8, representing the god Bacchus
    a black d8, representing the god Pluto
    a red d8, representing the Accuser
    three gold d8\92s, representing Soldiers
    a metallic silver d6, representing the goddess Minerva
    a white d6, representing the Companion
    thirty six reddish-purple d6\92s, representing Wine
    a pearlescent white d4, representing the goddess Venus
    and three ruddy brown d8\92s, representing Satyrs
By the adjusted Wine dice guidelines of the print edition, this is enough dice for a six player game. And I gotta say, these are gorgeous dice you'll be proud to have gracing your cheese tray:

bacchanal dice

The price is $20.00 (U.S.), plus shipping/handling. If you're inside the domestic U.S., shipping/handling is $3.00. Send your PayPal payment for $23.00 to paul@halfmeme.com. International customers please email for a shipping/handling price quote.


The Bells, The Bells! -- 09/21/2005
Half Meme Press is getting married on Saturday, September 24th. Orders for print copies of My Life with Master and Bacchanal will be fulfilled in the latter half of the week of September 26th. Expect that authorizations for downloading the pdf version of My Life with Master will be erratic through the next few days, and may be delayed entirely until Tuesday the 27th.

Put Bacchus In Your Mailbox -- 09/08/2005

bacchanal cover

Print copies of this year's most whispered about game are now available to those who missed it at GenCon. The book is 5.5" x 8.5", 12 pages, saddle stitched, with a cardstock cover. Price to U.S. customers is $5.25 ($4.00 plus $1.25 shipping/handling). Send your PayPal payment to paul@halfmeme.com. (International customers please email for a shipping/handling price quote.)

Disclosure: The print edition differs very little from the free version:
  • There's Ed Heil's gorgeous cover art, which was commissioned for the print version.
  • There's a short intro which informs people that they could just download the game for free, but also suggests why they might buy the print version anyway
  • There's the "Succeed the Proscenium" player advice text, exactly as I pasted it to the Game Chef forums
  • There's a small change to the recommended number of Wine dice needed for play.
  • And there's a word change here and there.

Half Meme Press bean counters offer another inscrutable chart -- 02/27/2005
The Half Meme Press bean counters just sent this chart. It's a lifetime sales history of My Life with Master, from the game's release at GenCon 2003, to our most recent sale this past Monday.

big sales chart

The green represents 370 units of the print version sold direct from the Half Meme Press website and at GenCon in 2003 and 2004. The orange is sales of 212 units of the pdf version. The yellow is 51 units of the print version sold to retailers. So in the first twenty months, that's a total sales of 633 units.

Some interesting stats:
  • Best month ever was August 2004, with 98 units sold. 81 of them were at GenCon.
  • If you count only sales where the customer makes a choice between print and pdf (so not GenCon, and not sales to retailers) then nearly exactly 50% of sales are pdf.
  • Average sales per month is 31.
  • Average sales per month, not including GenCon and books sold to retailers, is 21.
  • Only 32% of non-U.S. customers ordering via the website choose the print version.
  • 58% of U.S. customers ordering via the website choose the print version.

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