How to buy Acts of Evil

Half Meme Press is proud to offer the remaining copies of the Acts of Evil ashcan for purchase by those who missed it at Gen Con. Players are occultists who would grasp reality and bend it to a mythology of their own chthonic godhood. To succeed means narrating the individual destructions of the other players' occultist characters. The book is 6" x 8.5", 94 pages, tape bound, with a hand painted and hand embossed cardstock cover.

 [ Acts of Evil (cover) ]

This ashcan edition of Acts of Evil is inspired by my desire to connect with you, not as producer to consumer, but as designer to designer, and the text is written with single-minded focus toward that end. When I know from playtesting that a rule isnít delivering on my purpose for it, or needs validation or refinement, or if it's a new rule that aims to solve a design issue, I've flagged it with questions.

The price is $15.00 (U.S.), plus shipping and handling. If you're inside the domestic U.S. you can use the PayPal button immediately below; shipping and handling for your order will be $3.00 (U.S.), and the book will be sent first class mail.

If you're anywhere else, you can use this next PayPal button; shipping and handling for your order will be will be $7.75 (U.S.), and the book will be sent International First Class.