[annotate your margins]

It would be a shame to let those nice margins go to waste. I recommend the following annotations in your best deranged hand:

On page 25, insert "or zero sized" after the word "negative" in the very last sentence, and scrawl some abuse nearby. "Such errors are evidence of the designer's gelid intellect."

On page 36, near the first "Horror Revealed" sentence write, "Czege should have employed the services of a professional editor. What he is trying to say here so awkwardly is that a minion's Self-loathing can only increase as an outcome of a Violence, Villainy, or Overture roll, or from Providing Aid, if it is currently less than the value of Love plus Reason. And that it never increases if it is already greater than or equal to Love plus Reason (perhaps due to the death of a Connection, or a prior increase in Self-loathing while an Innocent was present)."

On page 41, near the five Epilogue constraints write, "But what of the minion whose Self-loathing plus Weariness is equal to their Love plus Reason? Such a one satisfies none of the five constraints. Surely this by Czege is an unforgivable omission! I submit that their Epilogue should be characterized by finding themself a new Master."